Mango salad with basil icecream

Bella Verde Restaurante review

I am on holiday for the week in Pollença, Majorca.. I had assumed that Majorca would be a bit like the rest of Spain, not great for vegetarians and certainly not vegans.. But according to google (which of course is always factually correct) it is in fact one of the best places in the world for vegans to visit. I can’t say I can comment much on this, since we have mostly been cooking ourselves.. Which has been in fact one of the best bits of the holiday: the luxury of a big kitchen, local fresh produce and a lovely garden to sit out and eat in.

To celebrate my dad’s birthday, last night we went to Restaurante Bella Verde the number one restaurant on trip advisor which coincidentally happened to be vegetarian and vegan. This is set in a beautiful peaceful courtyard, with fig trees, white tables and a sofa area to relax in before or after your meal. The staff were very attentive and the owner, Svenja Gallé (who acknowledged she herself is not vegetarian, but likes the challenge vegan food offers her) came and spoke to us and when I told her I was due to cook in Greece, helpfully shared some tips with me. For example I learnt that the water from canned chickpeas, called aquafaba makes a great egg susbtitute for things such as meringues and frittatas and there is a whole facebook page devoted to this topic called ‘vegan meringue-hits and misses’.

The menu was simple but creative. For starters we had white gazpacho with wasabi ice cream, middle eastern style mezze plate and beetroot carpcachio. The beetroot was delicious -perfect texture and flavour combinations.

Beetroot Carpaccio

Beetroot Carpaccio

Really liked the idea of the wasabi gazpacho combination and the flavours were quite unique, although for me I think I will probably stick to the more traditional one in future, but would certainly recommend trying it.

For mains we went for a few different salads, including warm goats cheese and giant oyster mushroom, mango salad with basil ice cream and broccoli, rhubbarb and cashew salad with coriander ice cream. The salads worked really well with the texture from the nuts and the icecream turning it into quite a fancy meal.. I hadn’t really thought of doing savoury ice cream before but I could see this working rather well when I cook in Greece.

Mango salad with basil icecream

Mango salad with basil icecream

We also had the smoked potato filo parcel which was beautifully presented


For desserts we went for vegan gingerbread mousse which was delicious, taking me back to flavours from my childhood.

For the overall experience I’d really rate this restaurant if you happen to be visiting Pollença or somewhere nearby. Very attentive staff, lovely ambience set in peaceful surroundings, unusual and creative menu which was  80% vegan.





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