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You CAN teach an old dog….

Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen I recently facilitated a Made In Hackney 6 week interactive cookery class for stroke survivors. Made In Hackney are the UK’s only eco community kitchen. They teach people about healthy eating through interactive community sessions and have what I would describe as a ‘wholefood’ or plant based food policy, […]

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Flat breads with borlotti bean, mint and lemon dip

Super quick flat breads with borlotti bean, mint and lemon dip

There’s loads of research on the therapeutic benefits of bread making and this week I’ve been teaching children with special educational needs how to make flatbreads. Some of the children seemed to particularly enjoy making their breads into their favourite cartoon characters (this wasn’t quite my intention, but  an added bonus and the end result […]

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Tofu hash

Tofu hash

With the rise in veganism, quite a few sayvy cafes and restaurants are adding this type of brunch dish to their menus. This dish, which is kind of a mixture between a hash and shakshuka makes a great weekend brunch, when you fancy something cooked, that doesn’t feature dairy. The tofu replaces the eggs, meaning you still get […]

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choc cake

Raw chocolate and coconut cake

This cake is very simple and quick to make with the aid of a food processor. It is dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. The recipe calls for Cacao (although you can also use cocoa), which means ‘food of the gods’. Cacoa is the seed from the tree used to make chocolate, so it’s chocolate in it’s purest […]

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Chermoula aubergine and chickpea tagine

Vote in and eat in!!

Big day today for the UK and EU referendum. Don’t worry I’m not going to launch into a political rant, but for so many reasons, I am hoping of course that we remain (the thought of leaving depresses me and is as bad as the thought of Trump getting voted in).  Also today I am cooking for […]

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stuffed toms

Stuffed tomatoes and peppers

I have been back in the UK for a couple of weeks and am leading more the life of a nomad than when in Greece; sofa surfing with friends and family… I thought it would be nice to give my family a flavour of Greece so cooked them one of my classics: stuffed tomatoes and […]

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Chilled watermelon, avocado and fennel soup

Greece has been HOT this year and so chilled soups make the perfect starter. Personally I would be more than happy to eat them everyday, but for variety’s sake, and because they’re not particularly Greek, I’ve limited it to 2 chilled soups a week… Chilled soups are great because they can be made raw and […]

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