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'Bayanatu' Ethiopian fasting (vegetarian) plate

Vegetarian in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a vegetarian and vegan’s paradise, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays which are ‘fasting days’  when no meat, fish or dairy products are consumed. I timed my trip well, as I visited during Ethiopian lent, when for a period of 55 days many Ethiopians will fast until 3pm everyday and give up meat, fish […]

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Venice Carnival

This February we celebrated my friend Cecilia’s birthday at the Venice carnival. If you’ve never been, I would add this to your bucket list. A perfect excuse for people watching, taking photos of strangers in costumes (who will even pose for you and not tell you to get lost), being in strangers photos and drinking […]

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Seville: luckily oranges are not the only fruit!

I recently spent a long weekend with three close girlfriends in Seville. Fellow vegetarians might be put off by the dead carcasses hanging from the ceilings of many bars, but it has certainly come along a long way since I visited about 8 years ago, where there is a pretty good selection of vegetarian food if you […]

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Ithaca and kefalonia road trip

I have had 2 weeks off, having cooked for 21 days in a row (I can’t remember the last time I grafted so hard). It has been fabulous as I have had 2 of my dear friends visiting; Cecilia and Kate. Cecilia and I hired a car (I wasn’t driving) and travelled round Kefalonia and […]

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Sunset from Itaki

Vegetable Makis and dog massage

This is now my 4th day of being in Itaki, Greece and the first chance I have had to sit down and reflect on my first impressions. I was being met at the airport by Makis, who I had assumed was the vegetable man in Kefalonia, that Ingrid had mentioned a few times. He was […]

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Mango salad with basil icecream

Bella Verde Restaurante review

I am on holiday for the week in Pollença, Majorca.. I had assumed that Majorca would be a bit like the rest of Spain, not great for vegetarians and certainly not vegans.. But according to google (which of course is always factually correct) it is in fact one of the best places in the world […]

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Vegetarian in San Sebastian

When friends told me about San Sebastian and I read the lonely planet description of it being the ‘food capital of the world’ I thought, what better place to have a holiday devoted solely to eating good food and drinking good wine. So, I booked the trip, somewhat blindly, not thinking about the perils of […]

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