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You CAN teach an old dog….

Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen I recently facilitated a Made In Hackney 6 week interactive cookery class for stroke survivors. Made In Hackney are the UK’s only eco community kitchen. They teach people about healthy eating through interactive community sessions and have what I would describe as a ‘wholefood’ or plant based food policy, […]

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choc cake

Raw chocolate and coconut cake

This cake is very simple and quick to make with the aid of a food processor. It is dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. The recipe calls for Cacao (although you can also use cocoa), which means ‘food of the gods’. Cacoa is the seed from the tree used to make chocolate, so it’s chocolate in it’s purest […]

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Chermoula aubergine and chickpea tagine

Vote in and eat in!!

Big day today for the UK and EU referendum. Don’t worry I’m not going to launch into a political rant, but for so many reasons, I am hoping of course that we remain (the thought of leaving depresses me and is as bad as the thought of Trump getting voted in).  Also today I am cooking for […]

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Bonnington Cafe Monday 19th October

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked for customers on home turf and I can’t wait to see lots of friendly faces again at the Bonnington cafe, a place that is very close to my heart. I love the atmosphere of Bonnington and would say it is the perfect place to bring a date, friends […]

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Halva icecream with chocolate sauce and roasted peanuts (from Ottolenghi's plenty more)

The Greedy Cook

Well I made it through the first retreat and even better, so did the guests! As mentioned in my previous post, we get most of our fruit and vegetables from ‘vegetable makis’, who has an organic farm in Kefalonia. Collecting them from him, it felt like a drug deal (from what I know from breaking […]

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New beginnings

So as I was saying, towards the end of the course with the vegetarian society I was passed on the details of a woman looking for a vegetarian chef for her yoga retreat on a tiny island in Greece. A closer look at her ad and the details of this retreat made me realise this […]

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Cordon vert chefs diploma

In February I attended the home of the Vegetarian society to do my cordon vert chef’s diploma. The course was led by principal tutor Alex Connell. There were only three students on the course (they will take max of 4 at once), the other two were an executive chef working on cruise ships and a […]

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