New beginnings

So as I was saying, towards the end of the course with the vegetarian society I was passed on the details of a woman looking for a vegetarian chef for her yoga retreat on a tiny island in Greece. A closer look at her ad and the details of this retreat made me realise this was a proper fancy retreat (Itha108) on the beautiful island of Ithaca (also known as Itaki). The retreat is run by a woman called Ingrid, who seems very inspiring- having set up the whole thing from scratch….

Several emails and Skype calls later, it was to be confirmed, from May I shall be heading off to Greece for 6 months to work here!  The timing of this is perfect… I have been at a kind of cross road in my life, not quite knowing where to go next, wanting to do more food related stuff but not quite sure in what format and getting kind of itchy feet, thinking about travelling or living/working abroad.. So this job seems to be combining everything I love: travel, meeting new people, being in the sun, cooking the food I love (Greek/Mediterranean) and bringing people together over it… As for the yoga… Well I have to be honest here… I’m not a yogi… It’s something I do every once in a while and always make a resolve to do more often, but it somehow never becomes a regular thing.. So who knows what magical stuff will happen to me by doing yoga every day for 6 months..

Now the next 3 months I need to do some menu planning, researching into what vegan/gluten free produce is available (it’s a vegetarian retreat but in case there are people with these dietary requirements) and perhaps I should try and learn some Greek!




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